I've been shooting for about a year and a half now and couldn't seem to get any better in terms of my accuracy. I took a course with Jodi and literally within a few minutes of watching me shoot, she made a couple of suggestions and got me on target! Honestly, I was amazed. Not only is she super friendly and approachable, but she is an excellent instructor who knows her stuff. I can't recommend her more highly. Paul


Roseville, CA

I took her class on handguns and was so impressed with her knowledge and easy instructional style that I took a subsequent private lesson to advance my shooting skills, knowledge of gun safety, ammunition, current California laws, and proper gun handling techniques.  I was extremely impressed with her extensive knowledge and ability to teach her students of all levels.  She had a great attitude and sincerely wanted all of her students to excel.  In my private lesson, she was able to efficiently diagnose my shortcomings and provided me with correctional instruction in a manner that was fun, constructive, and helpful.  I believe that she could provide useful and appropriate instructions to anyone from a novice to an experienced shooter that would further their skills and overall knowledge. 


Sincerely, F. Wood 

F. Wood

Sacramento, CA

I signed up for a basic handgun class several weeks ago. I have a family and being able to protect them is very important to me. I also wanted to expand my skill set handling a handgun and/or rifle. 


As I drove to the class I was a nervous wreck. I didn't know what to expect and I'm not comfortable with new situations. Luckily, it was a class of only 5 people with 4 of them being beginners. 


Jodi was my teacher for the class. She came across as someone who had a passion to teach the main aspect of owning firearms......safety. She also used great detail in explaining firing stance and hand placement when shooting. 


I asked several questions and Jodi never made me feel like any of my questions were "dumb". She explained laws and requirements to obtain a CCW, which is my ultimate goal. She also covered all of the rules and regulations of The Gun Range. 


By the time our class started shooting I felt like a pro. Jodi praised my marksmanship while also continuing to teach fundamentals. I will be purchasing my first handgun and will definitely sign up for additional trainings with Jodi. 


Sacramento, CA

I took the basic pistol class taught by Jodi Rentzel as a prerequisite for the CCW class. The class was very informative and Jodi was very knowledgeable. She answered all our questions and helped each student with grip and stance to improve our aim. During the class, she showed me a different stance that allowed me to shoot right handed while using my dominant left eye. It worked great, which really helped with my shot placement. I would recommend this class to anyone thinking of getting a CCW, or if you just want to get more comfortable with your firearm.


Sacramento, CA

I live alone with my 10-year old daughter and have recently had a growing interest in purchasing a firearm for protection. I had no experience handling a firearm and to be honest they scared me. My boyfriend thought it would be a good idea for us to take an introduction gun training course. Our instructor, Jodi Rentzel, was very patient with us and explained things in a way that was easy for both my daughter and I to understand. She answered all of our questions and made sure we thoroughly understood proper firearm safety and handling. Once we learned how to safely handle and load our firearms, she took us into a private room in the range. She led us through every step, stayed with us the entire time and made sure both my daughter and I used our firearms safely and comfortably. Never once did I feel unsafe or confused in her class for my daughter or myself.  I highly recommend her class to anyone thinking about purchasing a firearm or who feels nervous around them. After taking Jodi's class, I am no longer scared around firearms and feel very comfortable and safe around them. Thank you, Jodi for all your help!


Sacramento, CA

I have been shooting for about a year and I am a member of The Well Armed Woman Sacramento Chapter. My goal was to obtain my CCW permit. I had taken the Basic Pistol Class and the Intermediate Pistol Class at The Gun Range. This gave me a good shooting platform to build on. My accuracy was not  where I wanted it to be so I turned to Jodi for some one on one training. I had two private sessions with her. She listened to what I wanted to accomplish and what shooting/accuracy issues I was having. We started from the basics so she could observe my stance, grip. sight alignment, breathing and trigger pull. She was able to diagnose my problems  and help me work through them. I have accomplished my goal of obtaining my CCW permit but I am far from finished. I must continue to practice and train to refine my skills. I will be turning to Jodi in the future for further training....the training never stops! Thank you so much Jodi, I appreciate all the help and support you have given me.


Sacramento, CA

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