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The Well Armed Woman is here to educate, equip, and empower you as a woman gun owner. 

The local Sacramento chapter is the largest chapter in the nation with over 200 members. We hold 3 meetings a month, at The Gun Range, and each month is dedicated to a specific topic.  We are a very welcoming and helpful group of women.  If you have any questions or are interested in The Well Armed Woman Chapter please click on the logo above to be taken to their website or contact me.


You want safety and security for your family. You’d do anything to protect them.  But, did you know that you’re still vulnerable to criminal charges and financial ruin - even if you did everything right? Your USCCA membership arms you with the education, training, and self-defense insurance you need to protect your family with confidence. Because, after all, doing the right thing shouldn’t cost you everything…


Stay Informed, Stay Sharp: Free Weekly News And Drills For Responsibly Armed Americans.


The California Rifle & Pistol Association, founded in 1875, provides training in the safe, responsible, and enjoyable use of firearms; sanctions competitive shooting state championships; and fights for the constitutional right to keep and bear arms for those who choose to own a gun in California for sport, hunting, or self-defense.

For the experienced shooters who are either CCW holders or are Police Officers, I highly recommend you look into and take a class taught by Massad Ayoob. His resume is very extensive!  Below is just a snippet, from his website, of Massad Ayoobs qualifications as an instructor -

 "Mas has received judicial recognition as an expert witness for the courts in weapons and shooting cases since 1979, and has been a fully sworn and empowered, part time police officer for over three decades. Ayoob founded the Lethal Force Institute in 1981 and served as its director until 2009, and now trains through Massad Ayoob Group. He has appeared on CLE-TV delivering continuing legal education for attorneys, through the American Law Institute and American Bar Association, and has been retained to train attorneys to handle deadly force cases through the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network. Ayoob served for two years as co-vice chair of the Forensic Evidence Committee of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers." 

By clicking on the logo above, you can check out who Massad Ayoob is and the training classes available.


NRA Women is designed for female gun enthusiasts. It's a resource for news, education, events and more. And we're telling more stories of empowered women like you. Come explore, connect, celebrate and unite with the women of NRA

The National Rifle Association is America's longest-standing civil rights organization. Together with our more than five million members, we're proud defenders of history's patriots and diligent protectors of the Second Amendment.

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If you are interested in obtaining a Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Permit in your county, please click on the badge (link) above for the county you currently reside in. There you will be directed to the CCW Department for that county. Every county has their own process and requirements to obtain a Concealed Carry Weapons Permit. I've included links to local counties in this area.